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We have a decade of experience in the humanities translating academic, business, educational and technical texts to and from Spanish, English and Japanese. Find out more.


We have helped leading professionals and academics in the humanities communicate their ideas, concisely and competently. Find out more.


Our language and cultural coaching can help you communicate effectively. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills you need to have successful intercultural interactions. Find out more.

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The following are our minimum prices and are presented only as a reference.


Language Standard Academic /
English to Spanish 0.15 USD* - 0.23 USD* -
Spanish to English 0.15 USD* - 0.23 USD* -
Japanese to English 0.14 USD** - 0.26 USD** -
Japanese to Spanish 0.15 USD** - 0.27 USD** -
English to Japanese 0.22 USD* - 0.28 USD* -
Spanish to Japanese 0.23 USD* - 0.29 USD* -

*Per word in the original text. **Per character in the original text.
All services require a minimum charge of 45 USD.


Language Standard Academic /
English 0.07 USD* - 0.09 USD* -
Spanish 0.08 USD* - 0.11 USD* -
Japanese 0.10 USD* - 0.12 USD* -

*Per word.
All services require a minimum charge of 45 USD.


We customize our consulting services to fit your needs. We provide language lessons, linguistic and cultural coaching, liaison interpreting, and voice work, among others. Please contact us for more information.

About Us

Danya Ramírez

English, Spanish, Japanese

Kyle Bedell

English, Spanish, Japanese

Haruko Miyake

English, Spanish, Japanese

We are a team of freelance translators, educators and authors who provide personalized texts in close communication with you. We feel impassioned by writing, languages and learning, and are committed to preserving your intention and voice. Read what our clients think about us.

“I trust Interly's professional skills and sense of responsibility; they choose their words and expressions precisely, use an appropriate register, and respect deadlines.

If I need a good translation or copy-editing work, especially in the academic field, I don't hesitate to contact them because I have always found their work more than satisfactory.”

Noritaka Fukushima, PhD
Full professor, Department of Spanish Studies
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan

“I hired Interly to correct an article in Spanish. They were very respectful in how they checked it, and they also proposed alternative expressions. I was very much in a hurry because there were only a few days before my deadline, and they were a great help in that regard.

If I need any Spanish copy-edition service, I would certainly hire Interly again.”

PhD in Social Sciences

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